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The Teamsearch Research Snowdog

Hi, I'm Two Tone Tilly and i'm a 

snow dog 



Teamsearch are a market research agency based in Halifax. We conduct all sorts of research; customer satisfaction for banks, interviewers with tablets at visitor attractions, political polling; you name it!
We've helped develop and improve countless products and services from hundreds of high street names and govt/local council departments. The latest broadband product or how public services are used can, and are, all created and developed from the research/feedback we collect.

So why did we give a home to Tilly? Why not!...Kirkwood Hospice is a great charity so we bid for her at auction and positioned her so she can be seen by the many hundreds of dogs (and their owners) that walk past her location each year.
Do feel free to take her picture but if you do post on social media please don't reveal her exact location given it's also a private residence :)

can read all about Tilly & the artist that painted me by clicking/tapping here



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